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Looking after your own wellbeing

The weather can cause severe events, which can lead to stress and worry. These may have affected you, your home, business or family.

Experiencing the effects of severe weather can be frightening. It can disrupt your daily life activities. Even if your home was not affected it is normal to experience tiredness, difficulty sleeping and anxiety.

It’s important not to underestimate the stress and strain of dealing with severe weather, having to move from your home, or cleaning up after a flood. Take the time to consider you and your loved ones’ mental health and well-being.

Things that happen after a severe weather event can be a source of stress. Things like:

  • disruption to your GP clinic and accessing healthcare services
  • disruption to regular household activities
  • interruption to schooling facilities
  • damage to home and personal belongings

Experiencing any one of these can be distressing and can cause anxiety. It is normal to feel this way, even for a while after the event.

If you are feeling this way, please get in touch with a local community support group, or neighbours to help you cope and recover.

Local support organisations

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