Young volunteers

Want to get involved in your local community? Looking for some work experience to put on application forms? Want to have a say in what happens in the library?

Summer Reading Challenge Champions

If you're between 14 and 25, you can volunteer to become a Summer Reading Challenge Champion during the summer holidays. The Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) takes place every summer, and challenges children to read six library books of their choice during the holidays. Children receive a variety of rewards along the way, and get a medal when they've read six books.

Summer Reading Challenge Champions work in the library to promote the challenge to children and families. You will enrol children, explain the rules of the challenge, hand out rewards and medals, help children with the SRC website, help children find books, and chat to children about the books that they've read. If you want to, you can also get involved with storytime and other children's events, or work on displays and promotional materials.

You can choose which library you volunteer in, and you can choose hours that suit you. All we ask is that you agree to volunteer for at least ten hours over the summer holidays. If you and a friend want to volunteer together, that's fine.

We hope to restore a link to the application form soon.

Other volunteering opportunities

Young people can volunteer to work in the library throughout the year, not just during the summer holidays. For example, you might want to get involved in children's storytimes, or maintaining a review board in the teenage section, or advising us on what books to buy for your age group. Ask in your local library if you're interested.