Music collection

Music collection in Lord Louis Library

The music collection is split between Lord Louis Library in Newport and our library headquarters, but you can stream our classical and jazz music through Naxos Music. Visit our eMusic page for more information.

The music collection at Lord Louis Library consists of:

  • music tutors for a wide variety of instruments
  • single copy scores for individual instruments
  • single copy vocal scores of choral works and opera
  • scores of musicals
  • songbooks for both classical and popular music
  • miniature scores of popular orchestral music.

Music collection at Library Headquarters

Additional musical works are housed at Library Headquarters (HQ). These are not available for public access, but can be reserved through the library catalogue. These include:

  • performing sets of choral works
  • performing sets of orchestral music
  • part song collection
  • chamber music sets
  • DVDs of operas and ballets
  • books on the history and performance of music

If you would like a performing set which is not in stock, call Library HQ on 01983 823824, and we will try to borrow a set from a mainland library service.