School Library Service

The School Library Service (SLS) is a subscription service available to Isle of Wight Primary and special schools. SLS offers a flexible menu-driven schedule of services, which will help schools raise achievement by providing their pupils with cost-effective access to children's books that support the curriculum and encourage reading for pleasure.

A 2006 research project, analysing data collected by OFSTED, concludes that “spending £100 per pupil on books has a greater impact on average test scores across English, maths and science than the same amount spent on ICT or staffing.” By borrowing books, rather than buying them, this £100 goes a lot further, since it allows schools to access a much larger number of books. Moreover, when the books are no longer serving their purpose, schools can swap them for new ones at no extra charge.

Book exchange services

Schools signing up for any of the book exchange packages will receive a visit each term by the SLS van, during which they can exchange one book per pupil, as well as an additional book per pupil on long-term loan in the school library. This long-term loan can be swapped in full or in part as often as the school wishes.

Project box services

Schools signing up for any of the project box packages will receive a number of project boxes containing a bespoke collection of children's books designed to support teaching and topic work. Boxes are delivered to the school and are loaned for one term. All books are individually selected by a professional librarian in response to the teachers' specific needs.

Professional support, advice and training

Any school purchasing either of the above packages is entitled to a free 90-minute advisory session with a specialised and experienced librarian that works with schools. Additional time needed can be purchased at an hourly rate.

Other services

Schools that sign up can take advantage of the SLS book purchase scheme and buy shelf-ready books at a substantial discount on the cover price. The SLS is also able to negotiate discounts for customers on some school library computer systems.

Call the School Library Service 01983 203893 or email for current prices.