Computers and Wi-Fi in libraries

Using computers in council-run libraries

Our council-run libraries are:

  • Cowes
  • Freshwater
  • Lord Louis (Newport)
  • Ryde
  • Sandown
  • Ventnor.

If you intend to use the computers in these libraries frequently, it is advisable to register with us. You need to be a library member to do this, but joining the library is free and easy. You will need an ID.

Once you have joined the library, you will be asked to sign the Acceptable Use policy, and create a password for your computer use.

Once you have registered, you can log into any available computer at any time. You won't need to ask staff beforehand. It is advisable to book a computer during busy times. Contact your local library to do this.

If you're a visitor to the Island, or if you think you will only be using the computers occasionally, there is no need to register. Simply ask for a temporary login that can be used for one session. You will still need to sign the Acceptable Use policy, and you will need to provide us with your name, address, and an ID.

Computer sessions normally last for an hour. It is sometimes possible to extend a session if nobody else is waiting. You cannot use the computers for more than three hours in a single day. Sometimes sessions will be less than an hour, for example, if started shortly before closing time or before another booking. An onscreen timer will tell you how long you have left in your session.

Using computers in community libraries

The community libraries are:

  • Bembridge
  • Brighstone
  • East Cowes
  • Edward Edwards (Niton)
  • Shanklin.

In the community libraries, ask at the desk about using the computers. You will be asked to provide your name and address before you can use a computer. 

Help with computer skills

Do you need help getting online?

If you want to improve your computer skills or make better use your smartphone or tablet, libraries and AgeUK Isle of Wight can help.

Regular Digital Support sessions take place in libraries and other community venues across the Island. For more information about these friendly drop-ins, phone Age UK IW on 01983 525282, or email


Wi-Fi service is available in all 11 libraries. This is free to use. You will need to enter a password to use this facility. Ask at the library desk for the password.

You will also have to register to use it. You will need to enter your email address when prompted and agree to the council’s acceptable use policy.

Children under 16 are not permitted to use our Wi-Fi.

Children and library computers

Children can use the computers, but they must have  a parent or guardian sign the 'Acceptable Use' policy on their behalf. Children under eight years old must be supervised by an adult when using the computers.

Children researching homework can ask library staff for a special "homework club" login, which allows them to use the computers for homework, even if they are not registered users. This may vary from library to library, depending on the number of computers available, so ask your local library for more details.

Children must log into library computers using their own login or a homework club login. All internet use is filtered, but a child's use is filtered more strictly than an adult's. However, parents are reminded that no filtering system is fool proof, and you should supervise your child's internet use if you have any concerns.

In Lord Louis (Newport) and Ryde libraries, several computers are set aside for children's use. These can only be used by adults if you are supervising young children, but your children remain your responsibility at all times.

Printing and saving your work

It is not possible to save anything to the library computers. Before the end of the session, you will need to save anything you want to keep on an external storage device (such as a memory stick, and you must bring your own).

Printing is available for 20p per page. If you are a registered computer user in one of our council-run libraries, you can prepay for a quantity of printing in advance. Or you can pay for each print job separately. Printing will only be sent to the printer after payment has been received.