Amenity land hire

When proposing to hold an outdoor event on land managed or owned by us, the first thing to do is find a suitable venue.

We manage many parks, beaches, and opens spaces which are available to use through the amenity land application process. For any event you must contact Commercial Services to discuss your requirements. If needed, you will be asked to complete an application for consideration.

To contact us you can email or call 01983 821000.

As the event organiser, identifying these key factors about your event will help in planning for your safety measures:

  • scale, type and scope of the event
  • type and size of audience
  • location and access
  • duration of the event
  • time of day and year the event will be held.

Event types can include:

  • small community occasion
  • fetes
  • holding a boot camp or outdoor keep fit sessions
  • dog agility classes
  • football training or games
  • larger scale events and is of a commercial nature.

These factors will help you to determine what resources and facilities will be required to host an event.

To help with the requirements for holding an event on our land, you can refer to our general terms and conditions for hire (PDF, 182KB, 9 pages). Not all the conditions in the terms and conditions are applicable to your event, it will be dependent on the size and type of event you are proposing to hold.