28 Jun 2017

Energy from waste provider announced

Amey and the Isle of Wight Council can confirm that a new 'energy from waste' technology provider, Michaelis Environmental Technology, has been secured and that work has commenced on various elements of plant which is now expected to be complete in May 2019.

You can view this work on the following link: https://youtu.be/PteKM6Z9Sd4

The new technology deployed at Forest Park, Newport, is a two-stage combustion process with a fixed bed grate similar to the Energos technology. From an emissions perspective the new technology meets or exceeds the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) just as the Energos technology did previously. The new technology has the additional benefit of being more efficient from an energy recovery perspective. Other works at the site to complete the mechanical treatment plant and associated civil works are progressing well and are expected to be complete and the mechanical treatment plant operational in November 2018.

Councillor Michael Murwill, Isle of Wight Council Cabinet member for procurement, waste management, special projects and forward planning, said: “The Isle of Wight Council and Amey remain committed to achieving the high reaching waste targets set out in the contract to divert 90 per cent of waste from landfill and recycle/compost 55 per cent of municipal solid waste by 1 April 2020. The partnership approach to managing the Island’s waste services with Amey has helped us to secure a new 'energy from waste' provider with minimal delays to the programme and still achieving the Island’s desired environmental outcomes.”

Rob Edmondson, managing director for Amey Environmental Services, said: “We are delighted to have secured the Michaelis solution as a replacement 'energy from waste' provider which brings a long term sustainable solution to the Island.”

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New “energy from waste” technology provider has been secured
New “energy from waste” technology provider has been secured
  • The new "energy from waste" technology is to be deployed at Forest Park.
Isle of Wight, UK