07 Nov 2017

Have your say on school term dates

Changes to school term times that could cut the cost of family holidays for Island residents are being considered in a major council consultation.  

Views on proposals to cut the summer holidays by one or two weeks and bring in longer half terms in the autumn, spring, or both will be looked at in the review. Alternatively, parents can decide to keep the six-week summer holiday status quo.

“We understand how important it is for families to spend quality time together and it’s becoming increasingly costly for people to get away during the school holidays so we are looking at innovative ways to address this problem and want to hear from Islanders what they think,” said Councillor Paul Brading, children’s services cabinet member.

“It was our manifesto pledge to examine options to give families more choice over when they take their holidays, while at the same time making term lengths more even. Our aim is to further improve attendance which will then drive up educational standards so we have all our schools rated good or better by Ofsted.

“We are committed to looking very carefully at this issue and want to hear the views of people with or without children of school age, and importantly, schools and businesses – particularly in tourism - so that we can make informed decisions on any change.

“This is a radical plan but it has some merit and because we are an Island it is much easier for us to do it. Saying that, we will be guided by what people tell us.”

It is Paul’s understanding that all non-local authority schools will follow suit if any changes are made, as this is presently the case. 

Plans for the consultation are set to be formally approved by the council’s Cabinet at its meeting on Thursday 9 November.

Once approved, a survey will be launched on 24 November 2017 on the council’s website and will run for seven weeks: www.iwight.com/consultations  

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More even term times are being considered
More even term times are being considered
  • The consultation will be launched on 24 November 2017.
Isle of Wight, UK