10 May 2019 Last updated at 12:00

Upgrade for utility monitoring

The council is upgrading its processes for monitoring and recording electricity, gas, water and fire risks in its properties - following an internal review commissioned as part of its normal assurance activities.

Action plans are underway to bolster existing systems for recording the maintenance of council buildings - which include offices and care homes - to ensure they are robust and consistent for the future.
The council remains confident that its buildings, whenever technical assessments are undertaken, are compliant - but it is the recording process that needs to be improved.

An internal audit report for 2018/19 found that while the buildings were generally being maintained in accordance with industry standards, there were gaps in the recording of maintenance activities such as formal agreements and contracts for testing, and reporting regimes.

The report, which will be considered by the Audit Committee on 20 May, stresses the importance of acceptable systems so the council can be confident all its properties are properly maintained.

A council spokesperson said: "We take the processes to record the safety of all our properties very seriously - and are fully addressing all the issues highlighted in this internal review.

"While we already undertake extensive monitoring, checks and recording of risks in our buildings - the review shows that our existing systems and processes need to be upgraded in some areas and we can confirm this work is already underway."

Schools are required to undertake their own property safety checks, with the council responsible for ensuring this takes place through monitoring and inspections. The review highlighted the need for improvements in this area - with a more comprehensive approach and more formal recording.
The report also recommended a single automatic reporting system to provide real time information that electrical, gas, water and fire safety assessments and certificates remain up to date for all properties.

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The upgrade follows an internal review
The upgrade follows an internal review
  • The report will be considered by the Audit Committee on 20 May.
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