Four Island locations feature in latest traffic orders

Published: 16 April 2024

Double yellow lines. Getty Images

Four roads across the Island – in Ryde, Newport, Seaview and East Cowes - feature in the Isle of Wight Council's latest round of traffic order consultations.

At Well Street, Ryde, the proposal is for one-hour limited waiting parking bays during the day in front of the new dentist/nursery. The proposal is in line with all limited parking bays in the area and is designed to accommodate the needs of those who may be visiting the town centre during the day and takes consideration of residents’ overnight parking requirements.

The Spring Lane proposal in Newport is for the closure of the ford crossing for vehicular access to enable physical enhancements on Lukely Brook and to improve the ecological resilience and quality of the watercourse.

In Seaview High Street, the proposal is for a short stretch of a ‘no waiting parking restriction’ (double yellow lines) because any vehicle parked in this location has a potential to cause traffic flow obstruction/queues and access issues.

At Church Path, East Cowes, there are old yellow lines that have remained on the street and due to the current unsafe parking in the area the proposal is to make the lines enforceable by introducing a formal no waiting parking restriction.

Details of the consultation, which runs until May 3, can be found on the council’s traffic regulation orders page.

Comments of support and objections can only be accepted if a full address is included, whether the response is online, or by letter or email.

Photo: Getty Images