More than 99% of Island voters had valid photo-ID at polling stations

Published: 21 May 2024

white lined note paper with black marker words VOTE with

More than 99 per cent of Islanders brought a valid ID to a polling station when they went to vote in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner election on May 2.

The poll was the first Island-wide election since the introduction of photo-ID rules.

  •  66 people were turned away for not having a valid photo-ID (Less than 1 for each of the Island’s 71 polling stations).
  • 48 of those turned away subsequently returned with acceptable ID.
  • 99.8 per cent of electors brought photo ID that met the voter ID requirements of the Elections Act 2022.

The council’s returning officer, Claire Shand, said: “While we are pleased that a very high proportion of electors brought suitable photo ID with them in this election, we do want to make sure everyone who can vote is able to do so in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election.

"Islanders can check whether they have a valid ID on our website and if they do not, they can apply for a free photo-ID.

“The deadline for applying for the free photo ID to vote in the General Election will be dependent on when the election is called. However, we would urge people not to leave it until the last moment to make an application.

"If you don’t hold a valid ID that would enable you to vote, please apply as soon as possible.”

Find out more information by visiting the council's voter ID page.