Silver Stars to fall from the sky at Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day

Published: 31 May 2023

Silver Stars Army Parachute Team

The final air asset for this year's Isle of Wight Armed Forces Day is the highly coveted Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team.

They’ll be dropping in on Ryde at some point during the afternoon of Sunday, 25 June.

Talking about the logistics of the day, Armed Forces Day chair, Councillor Ian Dore, said: “Being frank, it’s tricky.

"You have a Lancaster Bomber plus a Spitfire, now one of the finest parachute display teams in the world.

"So in-between the aircraft you need to get a parachute team into the airspace, then down onto the sands safely.

"With all this aerial derring-do going on, it’s not without its challenges! However, challenges feature a lot in Armed Forces life and for teams like the Silver Stars, it’s all part and parcel of putting on a blinding show for us lucky folk.”

The Royal Logistic Corps Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team dates to September 1963 and was the first army parachute display team to be established.

It currently comprises around 25 regular and reserve personnel. They conduct displays at low and medium altitudes, to include stack formations.

Councillor Dore added: “This has real significance for the Island. We have secured not only the first Army parachute display team to be established, but they have an association with the Isle of Wight Troop, in that they are from the Royal Logistic Corps.

"Coincidentally, Chris, the Vice Chair of the Armed Forces Day committee who serves in the reservist troop, has indicated he’d like to do some jumps so I’m hopeful he’ll sign on the dotted line after the display.

"One has to take that first step or fall as it is. Best boots forward and all that! Either way, we are going to be treated to a superb parachute display, from one of the world’s finest teams. Green light on!"

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