Spring bank holiday recycling and waste collections

Published: 24 May 2023

Pink and white petaled spring flowers

Over the spring (29 May) bank holiday there will be: 

  • no changes to your waste collection service for Monday 29 May; 
  • no change to all waste and recycling collections due the week commencing 29 May; 
  • no change to recycling centres opening hours over Monday 29 May – please book your trip as usual in advance and check opening times.
  • reuse and bulky waste collections will continue as normal. 
We do ask that residents place their waste or recycling out early as normal by 7am on Monday 29 May. 

Over the spring bank holiday weekend, many of us will take the opportunity to carry out some spring cleaning either at home or in the garden.

Here’s our top tips for a clean, green sustainable spring bank holiday: 

  • Have a quicker trip to the recycling centre by sorting your waste into different material categories before you go. Remember to book your visit beforehand as usual at www.iow.gov.uk/waste.  More information about what materials are accepted at the recycling centres, as well as locations, opening hours and restrictions can be found online. 
  • Many items can be recycled in your kerbside collections. Double check what you can put where with our A-Z recycling guide online. Most plastic containers can be recycled in your household recycling. ‘Soft’ plastic bags and wrap can also be recycled in kerbside recycling or can be taken to most supermarkets for recycling.  
  • Cardboard: Make sure any cardboard placed out for collection is collapsed to fit more in your bin. Our recycling centres will also accept larger boxes of cardboard. You can also bundle excess cardboard to one side of your recycling bin or sack on your recycling week. 
  • If you have usable items in good quality to get rid of, remember that it is much better for the environment to give them a new life second hand by either selling them, donating them to charity or giving them away for free. You can also use the FREE reuse collection.
  • If you have larger items that no longer work which need to be disposed of, book a Bulky Waste Collection service which gives you the opportunity of having your items collected from your home. We collect up to four items per order for £40.  
  • If using a private waste carrier to dispose of your waste — remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that your waste is always dealt with responsibly.

All householders and businesses have a legal ‘Duty of Care’. Leaving items out for collection or using an unlicensed waste carrier can mean that your items could end up fly-tipped.

If they are traced back to you, you will be the one who can face an unlimited fine.