What can I compost in my bin and reusable sack

Your green garden waste subscription

Report an issue

If you have a missed collection and your green garden waste bin/reusable sack was presented at your collection point at 7am, check your collection day and report online or call 01983 823777. 

If your bins or reusable bags are damaged or missing, report online or call 01983 823777.

Garden waste collection days

Check the table to see what day your green garden waste collection is. Place your waste at your collection point by 7am. If you have assisted collection or subscribe to the Collect Plus service, ensure it is available for collection in the agreed location.

Garden waste collection dayTownPresent on your recycling or refuse week
MondayAshey, Cowes, Gurnard, Havenstreet, Northwood, Ryde West*
Recycling week
TuesdayBinstead, Ryde East*, Seaview, Pondwell
Recycling week

Bembridge, Nettlestone, St Helens
Refuse week
WednesdayArreton, Lake*, Sandown, Yaverland
Recycling week

Brighstone, Brook, Calbourne, Chillerton, Freshwater, Gatcombe, Mottistone, Newbridge, Porchfield, Shalfleet, Thorley, Totland, Totland Bay, Yarmouth, Wellow
Recycling week
Brading, Newchurch, Shanklin*, Winford
Recycling week

Chale, Godshill, Niton, Rookley, Shorwell, St Lawrence, Ventnor, Whitwell, Wroxall
Recycling week
FridayCarisbrooke, East Cowes, Newport, Wootton
Recycling week

Blackwater Road Refuse week

View the maps for properties in areas marked with an asterisk (*) to see how the collection routes have changed:

What you can compost in your garden waste bin or reusable sacks:

  • leaves, flowers or whole plants
  • twigs
  • grass cuttings
  • branches up to 20cm thick
  • roots
  • wind fall/spoiled fruit and vegetables from the garden
  • hedge clippings
  • weeds and brambles.

Christmas trees

Your Garden Waste subscription includes the free collection of your real Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are collected for the first two weeks of January. Place your tree in or next to your garden waste bin or reusable sacks.

If you don’t have a subscription, take your tree to our Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Do not place the following in your garden waste:

  • soil, stones, rocks and rubble
  • shredded paper
  • soft cotton wadding
  • cat litter
  • animal faeces
  • plastic (pots, compost bags - place these in your recycling bin or /sack)
  • metal or glass
  • textiles (garden fleece, weed membrane, old gloves)
  • large tree stumps and branches (thicker than 20cm).