General waste service

General waste is collected on alternate weeks to your recycling collection.

Check if it is recycling week or general waste week.

The separated food waste is collected every week from your food caddy.

Enter your postcode, select your address, and 'view the calendar'.

Use the correct bin or reusable sack for general waste. The bins supplied fit onto our collection vehicles for emptying. Any other type will not fit onto our vehicles.

On collection day, your general waste bin or reusable sack should be out before 7am or after 7pm the night before your collection day.

They must be placed at your collection point to allow members of the public space to use the pavement.

You must bring your emptied bin or reusable sack back onto your property once it has been emptied. This must be done by no later than 7pm the following day. For example, If your waste is collected on Tuesday, your reusable sacks or bins must be back on your property by Wednesday evening.

Do not leave waste or recycling containers on the road or pavement between these times, as this could create a hazard to people using the pavement.

Make sure your bin lid or sack is closed to stop waste being blown out of your bin.

Place your general waste inside a black refuse bag to keep your bin or reusable sack clean and prevent spillage.

If you live in a block of flats, you can put your general waste in your communal general waste bin.

What goes in my general waste

Your general waste collection is for items that are not recyclable and do not need to be taken to a recycling centre.

Do not put batteries and small electrical items loose in your general waste. They can cause a fire on the collection vehicle or at the sorting plant at Forest Park.

We have a separate battery collection service on the same day as your general waste service collection day.

Small electrical items can be taken to Afton Marsh or Lynnbottom Recycling Centres.

You can put the following items in your general waste:

  • animal waste and litter (bagged)
  • broken crockery and Pyrex
  • bubble wrap
  • clingfilm
  • cold ash
  • contaminated food packaging
  • crisp bags and sweet wrappers (silver on the inside)
  • foil food pouches
  • incontinence wear
  • medicinal blister packs
  • nappies
  • polystyrene
  • sanitary/feminine hygiene wear
  • underwear
  • used tissues
  • vacuum cleaner bags / household sweepings
  • wet wipes (baby, beauty and cleaning)
  • wrapping paper made with glitter or from foil.

Extra waste

We do not collect any extra waste or side waste bags placed by the side of your bin or reusable sack.

Any extra general waste that does not fit in your black bin or black reusable sack must be taken back onto your property and kept until your next general waste collection week.

You can also take any extra waste to Afton Marsh or Lynnbottom Recycling Centres

If you need a new waste container, or yours is missing, you can order one online. 

You can report a missed collection online or you can call us on 01983 823777.