Report a waste problem

T‚Äčo report a problem, you will need to create an account.

Report missed or spilt waste: use this form to report your recycling or waste has been missed on collection day or if waste has been spilt by the collection crew and not tidied up. Please note recycling and waste must be presented by 7am on your collection day at the collection point.

Request missing bins or reusable sacks: use this form to order missing, lost or stolen bins or reusable sacks or food caddies. Please be aware that properties are allocated 1 x 140l black bin unless large black bin criteria is met.

Request collection of unwanted waste receptacles: use this form if you have unwanted bins or reusable sacks, or you have found an abandoned bin or reusable sack.

Request a site visit: use this form to request a waste supervisor to visit your property and assess what bins or reusable sacks you will need.

Report property or vehicle damage: use this form if you suspect a waste vehicle or operative has caused damage to your property or vehicle.