New and managed properties

Moving into a new property

Before moving into a new property, check with your estate agent if there are bins or reusable sacks at the property, or a communal bin store. You can order a bin if you are missing any or call 01983 823777.

Collection Day

You can find your waste collection day online and download a printable calendar.

Planning new properties

If you are designing new properties, ensuring that there is appropriate storage for recycling and waste internally and externally is essential. Supplementary planning guidance for waste should be reviewed as part of your design process.

Advice to landlords

In between tenancies

The waste generated by rental properties, when they are vacant, is the landlords' responsibility, as renting out properties is a business. Any waste left behind by tenants or waste from refurbishments is solely the landlords' responsibility to make arrangements for collection and disposal.

For your tenants

Landlords must ensure that their tenants have the appropriate waste bins, sacks or communal bins storage for the councils waste collection services. You can request a site visit to assess bin storage or request new bins online.

Landlords must ensure that their tenants understand the requirements of recycling and waste and use the right bins / reusable sacks / gull sacks. You can download collection calendars and a poster (PDF, 1.3MB) to assist your tenants with understanding what to put in the recycling and general waste.

Landlords are responsible to arrange the removal of waste in contaminated bins, excess waste and bulky waste dumped in or around the property. We can arrange a trade waste collection for you, or you can seek a private waste collection.

Find out more about your duty of care for your commercial waste.