A suspension request may be made when a parking bay or bays are required for a particular activity. It should be requested when the activity is not possible from any other position or parking place.

Parking bay suspensions will be considered for:

  • removal vehicles
  • shop fitting vehicles
  • building operations where proximity to the site is essential
  • highway maintenance/utility works
  • skip/scaffolding to be placed on the highway
  • glaziers
  • wedding or funeral vehicles
  • vehicles essential to filming operations
  • other circumstances where we consider the need to be essential.

Suspensions will not be granted if the waiver is being requested for convenience rather than necessity.

The standard cost for suspending a parking bay is £20.00 per day. Payment by debit or credit card is required before a suspension is granted.

Requests should be made at least five working days before the suspension start date. It may not be possible to approve shorter notice requests.

Alterations to times, dates or locations cannot be made after the form has been submitted. Refunds will not be given even if the event doesn’t go ahead.

For skips, scaffolding or other building materials/machinery to be placed on the highway, a licence should be obtained from Island Roads.