Young drivers

Young drivers (17 to 24 years of age) are often over-represented within casualty statistics. Many road casualties involving young drivers occur on rural roads.

Young drivers account for only seven percent of the UK’s driving license holders. They are involved in 20% of the UK’s fatal and serious collisions.

It's essential that young drivers understand how to be safe, responsible drivers for the benefit of all.

Young driver common remarks

Ever get the odd remark about how badly you drive?

Friends and family comment on your lack of ability? 

If you ever feel that your passengers are worried, do something about it.

  • Speak out works both ways. If your passengers are distracting you, be prepared to say something. You can stop the car if they choose not to listen.
  • Good drivers notice when their passengers are uneasy: if they are holding on when you take a corner, or go a bit quiet, it could be down to your driving.
  • Research shows that people find drivers who make them feel safe more attractive; why not impress your date with driving skills as smooth as you are?
  • Try not to get offended. It is hard for people to challenge a driver and they were probably nervous about speaking out.
  • Let your passengers take charge of the music, navigation, or conversation to help you concentrate on driving.


If you find yourself in a dangerous situation as a passenger, why not use some of the ideas below to help get yourself out of the situation.

  • “No need to hurry mate, I don’t want to get home too soon.”
  • “Can you stop the car, I don’t feel very well.”
  • “I really need some air, do you mind stopping?”
  • “I feel sick, can you let me out?”
  • “I’ve just seen someone I need to catch up with, can you stop?”
  • “I forgot I need to pick something up, can you pull over?”

Improve your driving skills and knowledge

The GoDrive video is an educational resource for young drivers. It covers key elements of learning to drive and how to behave once young drivers have their driving licence. We encourage sixth forms and colleges to show this to their students.

We have two digital magazines available:

  1. For young drivers
  2. For parents of young drivers

Driver education doesn’t stop once you’ve obtained your license. Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely. There will be a cost for this training, the fee is set by the local provider.

The DfT’s THINK! Road Safety Team have run several campaigns focussing on young drivers:

Further information and advice for young drivers

Websites providing information, advice and facts for young drivers:

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