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A School Travel Plan is a key school document which helps schools monitor and manage the impact of the school run. They do this through the collection of evidence and data.

All schools should strive to have an up-to-date school travel plan using the Modeshift STARS platform. Schools using the Modeshift platform can achieve recognition by submitting their school travel plan for accreditation.

Contact for more information on registering.

Modeshift STARS is free of charge for schools.

A good travel plan can bring environmental, health, social and economic benefits. It can support people travelling to and from school as well as people living in the area, such as:

  • Environmental – a reduction in the level of air and noise pollution. This is due to fewer private car journeys made to and from the school.
  • Health – physical and mental wellbeing improves due to more active travel such as walking or cycling. This leads to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Social – interactions with other people increase through active travel. Reduced motor traffic makes the environment feel safer.
  • Economic – savings on individuals travel costs.  Increasing bus use can make the service to and from the school more viable.

Schools should delegate the role of ‘school travel plan co-ordinator’. This role provides a key contact in the school who has responsibility for updating Modeshift STARS. This role will also co-ordinate efforts to increase active travel and improve road safety. The ‘school travel plan co-ordinator’ will work closely with the Isle of Wight Councils Road Safety Officer. For any queries contact

Modeshift STARS support

The council’s Road Safety Officer can help your school use the website and achieve STARS accreditation. We can offer 1:1 support for schools. We also provide informal workshops. These workshops allow school staff to attend and complete their applications. They provide a quieter environment away from the school. Contact to request this support.


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