Bus service improvement plan and enhanced partners

We have commenced the process of responding to the Government’s national bus strategy, Bus Back Better. It places responsibilities on Local Transport Authorities to publish a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP), and form Enhanced Partnerships with local bus operators by April 2022. The focus of the strategy is on encouraging and enabling more people to travel by bus through investment in improving services, associated infrastructure and integration with other modes of sustainable travel. To achieve this, £3 billion of funding is being made available across England (outside London) for this purpose.

Isle of Wight BSIP

The BSIP outlines Southern Vectis, as the sole commercial bus operator on the Island, and our joint strategic vision to meet the aspirations of the Government’s national bus strategy; to grow bus usage. To build it back after COVID-19 and then to increase it and raise buses' mode share. This will be achieved through working in partnership with Southern Vectis, as well as the train and ferry operators on the Island.

Our vision

Within the Isle of Wight, both organisations recognise that local bus services are, and will remain to be, central to sustainable transport provision. The BSIP represents a once in a generation opportunity for us to work in partnership with Southern Vectis, and other community operators, to shape local provision to meet the needs of Island residents and visitors into the future. Through partnership working and ongoing joint investment, the BSIP will enable passenger growth to meet the future needs of Island, whilst addressing emerging challenges including the reductions in greenhouse gases to achieve the Island’s climate change objectives.

The Isle of Wight Bus Service Improvement Planwas approved by cabinet on 25 October 2021.

Enhanced Partnerships (EP)

Following the Cabinet decision on 16 June 2021 and the publication of the formal notice below, work now progresses on developing the EP.

Formal notice of intent to prepare an Enhanced Partnership plan and schemes

At the meeting held on 16 June 2021 cabinet gave approval to proceed with the development of an Enhanced Partnership. The commencement of this is confirmed through this notice of the intention to prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and accompanying Enhanced Partnership Schemes, as required and set out in section 138F of the Transport Act 2000.