IW Youth – know your rights

When we talk about children's rights we are talking about a set of rules and laws that explain what must and must not happen for children.  View this information and links to the most relevant laws and policies that influence children's rights.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989, are a set of unbreakable rights that children across the world can expect (as long as that country has signed the convention). Some of them can be taken for granted in our country, like the right to a name; others are linked in very heavily to the work that Children's Services do. 

In 1989, the United Kingdom also passed the Children's Act. Building on the UNCRC it goes into the detail of how those rights will be maintained and places specific responsibilities on local councils to care for certain young people and keep them safe.  A lot of the things that your social worker does is because it says so in this law. 

In 2008 Care Matters, explained government guidance that updated the Children's act. Amongst other things it strengthened the obligation for services to listen to young people when decisions are made.

One further update from the Children's Act is the Leaving Care Act 2000. It details specific amendments related to the services offered to care leavers. 

Knowing these rights is key to making sure that you are treated and supported in the right way.  If you would like some support or you think that your rights are not being met then have a look at our 'Your Voice and Support' web page.