Houses in multiple occupancy (HMO)

house in multiple occupancy is one property with three or more tenants, who are a part of more than one household (not family), that share a toilet, bathroom, or kitchen. A large HMO has five or more tenants.

A household is a single person or family members living together. 

A family is a single household which includes:

  • spouses or partners living together
  • relatives and half-relatives, such as children, parents, siblings, grandparents 
  • step-children and step-parents.

How we can help

Contact us if you need to report a hazard in your HMO or need help to correct any issues involving HMO standards and obligations.

Do you need an HMO licence?

For information on whether you HMO requires a licence, or to make a licence application, please contact 01983 823040 or email