Council Tax Discounts

Can I get Council Tax discount?

 If you are the only adult living in your home, you can apply for a single person discount

There are other discounts available if you or an adult you live with is one of the following:

  • a person detained in a prison, hospital, or other place of detention
  • a person with severe mental impairment
  • a person in respect of whom child benefit is payable
  • a school or college leaver
  • a student or student nurse
  • an apprentice or youth training trainee
  • a person providing care to someone in your home
  • a member of International Headquarters or Defence Organisations, or a dependant of such a member
  • a member of visiting forces, or a dependant of such a member
  • a non-British spouse of a student
  • a person with diplomatic privilege or immunity
  • a person permitted to stay in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme