Discounts for people with disabilities

Disabled band reduction

You can claim a reduction in your council tax charge if your home is the sole or main residence of a person who is disabled. Your home will need to have:

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen, or toilet, used by the person to meet the needs of their disability, or
  • a bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen, and meets the needs of the person’s disability, or
  • enough floor space for the person to use a wheelchair required to meet the needs of their disability.

If eligible, your Council Tax is charged at the rate of the property band below it. For example, property in band D is charged at the rate of band C.

Properties in band A will get a reduction of one ninth of band D. Find your council tax property band.

Severely Mentally Impaired (SMI)

You may be able to get a discount if you or someone you live with is medically certified as having a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning.

If you live alone and have a severe mental impairment, you don't have to pay Council Tax and should apply for a disregard.