Help after leaving hospital

If you or your loved one is in hospital due to an illness, operation, or injury, your need for further care will be identified before leaving hospital. You may be referred to our community reablement and outreach service. This might include care at home to help with your recovery or a short stay in one of our reablement care homes. We can support you with free care for up to six consecutive weeks (or until your goals and outcomes are completed) to help with your recovery.

Short-term support

Our support can help you to regain confidence and your independence. We work with you to provide a personal goal plan for your recovery. Your care and support package may include daily living tasks, such as:

  • getting around at home (including moving from room to room or from a bed to a chair)
  • washing and dressing
  • meal preparation (for care at home)
  • medicine/treatment schedule
  • caring for your pet(s) (for care at home)
  • light household duties (for care at home).

Our reablement care homes are The Adelaide and The Gouldings.

Part of your reablement may include the need for occupational or physiotherapy services, such as:

  • one-to-one physio to enhance your independence
  • specialised information and advice
  • demonstrations for alternative ways to do everyday tasks
  • help with finding equipment for home modifications
  • identification of community services to support you.

Long-term support

We’ll review your care needs throughout your recovery with the service. If you require long-term care, we will connect you with the relevant services for further support, including needs and financial assessments. Your reablement team will continue to support you until your long-term care begins.

We can also offer additional help with your specific needs, such as:

Our Community Reablement and Outreach service is monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).