Support with living at home

If you, a loved one, or someone you know is struggling to maintain the independent lifestyle at home you are accustomed to, we may be able to help. Sometimes a need for personal support is due to a change in your physical or mental health, such as a gradual loss of fine motor skills, a long-term condition, or a sudden illness.

We can provide helpful options so that you get the support you need while remaining in the comfort of your own home. We have options, such as daily living aids and assistive technology, to help adapt your home to your changing needs. Also, our Where to get help information includes local services available to give you even more choice of support.

Supported living

Supported living means that you choose how you live within your own home, how much support you need, and which services can help you. You can make the choices that feel right to you, such as choosing who you live with, where you live, and how you're supported.

There are a number of suitable or adapted accommodation options. You can also have a tenancy and receive support to remain in your own home. 

We know how important it is to feel safe and able to manage daily tasks on your own. The level of help you can get depends on your needs identified in our initial contact assessment. Supported living services can be provided by us or anyone you choose, such as charities or external providers.

For example, hiring a personal assistant for a short time on a daily or weekly basis might be all you need to remain independent and give you choice and control over the care you receive in your home and community.

Personal Assistant in Care (PA)

Having a PA would support your physical and emotional wellbeing, social needs, and provide help in tasks, such as to:

  • maintain relationships with family and friends including support with childcare
  • meet new people and develop friendships
  • get out and about and stay involved in your community
  • support you in the workplace
  • maintain hobbies and interests
  • provide personal care and support, for example, to dress and bathe
  • carry out household jobs like cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, and shopping
  • support with personal appointments, such as going to the doctor, and more.

Visit the Personal Assistant Noticeboard to register and find a PA to suit your needs.

Also, find out more about paying for your care and if you are entitled to funded support for your PA.

Careers as a Personal Assistant in Care (PA)

Working as a PA can be varied and rewarding, offering flexible hours to help you find a suitable work/life balance. We can support you with accreditation, training, and access to job opportunities.

Visit the Personal Assistant Noticeboard if you are interested in a career as a PA.