Overhanging hedges (and trees)

Hedges (and trees) overhanging your boundary can cause issues.

If there is overhang to your property you are usually entitled to remove this. Removal must not damage the rest of the hedge or tree.

Before cutting overhang we recommend that you contact the owner first. Let them know you will be undertaking work. Any cut material that has value (such as fruit or firewood) should be offered back to its owner.

You should only cut material on your side of the boundary. You should not cut the other side of your boundary without the permission of the landowner.

Hedgerow regulations

Hedgerows on non-domestic land are usually protected by the Hedgerow Regulations 1997.  These can include hedgerows:

  • on field boundaries
  • on roadsides.

This does not include those on garden boundaries.

If someone wishes to completely remove a section of protected hedgerow they must submit a hedgerow removal notice to us.

The Government provides guidance on the protection and management of countryside hedgerows.

You can submit a hedgerow removal notice through the Planning Portal.

High hedges

The High Hedges Bill is part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act. It gives us powers to intervene in hedge dispute between neighbours, but only as a last resort.

The complainant must be able to show that they have tried to resolve the dispute. This must be both verbally and in writing. Only then can we deal with the complaint.

If these attempts aren't successful, the hedge owner must be written to, informing them of the complainants intention to complain to us.

Government guidance about complaining to the council about high hedges.