Storm damaged trees

Trees do often move a lot in high winds but this does not mean your property is in danger, it is their way of surviving.

Does your tree look like it is going to collapse or drop branches?

If so, we recommend you contact a professional tree surgeon.

Is your tree protected by a preservation order, or is it in a conservation area?

If so, and the tree is presenting an immediate and imminent danger to life or property, you do not have to make an application to carry out the work.

  • Where you believe this is the case we recommend you contact a professional arborist, tree surgeon, or us at for more advice.
  • Under this exemption you can make the tree safe and remove the immediate and imminent danger. You still need to apply to do any further work.
  • Do take pictures of the issue, showing the tree is an immediate and imminent danger, before doing any work. You may need to show these pictures at a later date.
If your tree has a preservation order, or is in a conservation area, but isn't an immediate or imminent danger, you will still need to make an application. A permit must granted before the work is done.

What to do if you don't know if your tree is protected

Use our map to check if your tree is protectedWhen using the map please select the following layers:

  1. The conservation area
  2. Tree preservation orders
  3. Woodland TPO
  4. Group TPO
  5. Area TPO layers

Find out more

If you have more questions following this information, and want to check what can and can't be done, please email

Further information about working on trees.