Protected trees

Trees can be protected in several ways and a tree preservation order (TPO) placed on:

  • an individual tree
  • a tree within a specific area
  • a group of trees
  • trees within a woodland
  • trees in a conservation area with a trunk diameter of 7.5cm when measured at a height of 1.5m above ground level
  • conditions applied when a planning decision is made.

The protection can apply to any individual tree, groups of trees or woodlands. It stops trees from being lopped, topped, pruned, uprooted or damaged in any way without permission from us. It is illegal to carry out work to protected trees without permission.

Check if a tree is protected

Before carrying out any work you must check to see if a tree or trees are protected. You can do this by using our simple search tool

Updating a TPO

TPOs can be updated at any time, even if they are quite old. Protected trees in poor health can be felled and new ones planted to replace them.

Endorsed copies of a TPO

If you wish to purchase an endorsed copy of any TPO there is a charge of £25 + VAT. The endorsed copy will include:

  • a full photocopy of the order and any plan
  • a signed statement certifying that the copy was a full, correct and up-to-date copy at a given time and date.

The endorsed copy provided will often be of better quality than the image available on the internet. Older plans can be quite large, so the plan will be copied at a scale which is appropriate. This is not always possible with internet copies.

You can order a copy by emailing or call 01983 823552. Your copy will be sent once payment has been received.