Working on trees

Before you begin work you should confirm if the tree is protected by:

  • a tree preservation order
  • a conservation area
  • planning conditions.

You may be prosecuted if the tree is protected and you carry out work on it without permission.  If the tree is protected by any of the above, you can apply to allow works to be completed on the tree. A tree works application should be completed on the Planning Portal. 

How to use the map

The map opens its About section with information how you can use the map.

If you select the bookmark icon, you can easily choose between the preset layers shown:

  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation areas for properties on the Isle of Wight
  • ancient trees (to be added).

The different layers refer to trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders. The grape/red hatched layer refers to trees protected by the conservation area. Click on a layer to view its details. 

Enter an address or postcode to view properties in the area.