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Following concerns being raised regarding voting and procedural issues in relation to the Isle of Wight Council’s Planning Committee resolution to grant planning permission in respect of an application for demolition of workshops; outline for proposed residential development (to include sheltered accommodation, with ancillaries); formation of vehicular access; parking, open spaces and associated infrastructure (revised description)(readvertised application)on land between Nettlestone Hill & Seaview Lane, Nettlestone, planning application number P/00496/18, the council’s Monitoring Officer has recommend that the decision be reconsidered by the Planning Committee.


It is likely that this application will be reconsidered at the Planning Committee meeting on 17 December. In accordance with the council’s constitution there will be no opportunity for public speaking when this matter is reconsidered by planning committee. If there are any new members who attend planning committee, or indeed members who were not present at the last meeting, they will be asked to ensure that they listen to the recording of the public speaking recorded when this matter was first considered.



The Planning Committee due to be held on 26 November has been moved to 17 December, as the Council Chamber is needed for the Isle of Wight Council’s preparations for the General Election being held on 12 December.



Please note between 15th November 2019 – 20th December 2019 Planning Services will not be based at Seaclose Offices. Should you wish to view paper copies of planning files or planning history it will be ESSENTIAL that requests are received in advance. The files will then be made available at Seaclose to view in reception. It is hoped that there will be no greater disruption to services but please bear with us during this time.  

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The press list includes all planning applications with consultations that started during this week.

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