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Local list update


Following consultation, the Planning Authority has updated its local list. Changes to the list will be made from 1st August 2020, and include the following:


A scale bar will be included on all plans (replacing the requirement for the scale to be stated).


All plans submitted for householder applications to be no larger than A3.


We will also require all proposals for non-material minor amendments to planning permissions to include information (such as a covering letter, email or annotations on the submitted plans) setting out the proposed changes.


No other changes to the local list are proposed. The changes have been approved and therefore, will be adopted and will be applied from 1st August 2020, but applications will continue to be validated based on the current local list up until 1st September 2020, apart from the requirement for a summary of changes to non-material amendments, which will be required from 1st August.


A more detailed update is outlined in the letter attached to this message.

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please see below the most recent update from Planning Services about how we are adapting our processes

Update 01/06/2020

Following changes to Government guidance and the introduction of temporary legislation, the local planning authority is able to advertise and consult on all types of planning application. Please note that whilst Seaclose Office remains closed to the public, no paper copies of planning documents will be available to view. Instead, and in accordance with the temporary legislation, these documents are available to view online.

Incoming post and submitted comments on planning applications

We would continue to ask that all correspondence is undertaken electronically wherever possible, including comments on planning applications. Please be aware that if you send paper correspondence to Seaclose Office, there will be a delay in processing as staff continue to primarily work from home.

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The press list includes all planning applications with consultations that started during this week.

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