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In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please see below the most recent update from Planning Services about how we are adapting our processes

Update 6 January 2021

For the period of the current lockdown the local planning authority will only be undertaking site visits relating to planning applications, tree works or planning enforcement where they are essential and it is safe to do so. Internal visits will not be undertaken unless the building is unoccupied and can be accessed independently. We would ask that all applications are submitted with photographs to assist with the speed of determination. Site notices will continue to be placed for major development, with letters sent to immediate neighbours (where there are any) for minor development.


Please note that administrative staff are only accessing the building once a week. Therefore should any post be received it will not be dealt with immediately, and we would continue to encourage electronic communication wherever possible.

3 December 2020

Unfortunately, due to a significant increase in workloads the Planning Authority’s response times for pre-application advice may be longer than the standard 21 working days. Officers will contact you should the response time be longer than anticipated and set out a revised response time.  

Seaclose Office remains closed to the public so, in accordance with temporary legislation, planning documents will only be available to view online. We would continue to ask that all correspondence is undertaken electronically wherever possible, including comments on planning applications. Please be aware that if you send paper correspondence to Seaclose Office, there will be a delay in processing as staff continue to primarily work from home.

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The press list includes all planning applications with consultations that started during this week.

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